LISODE is a consultancy firm based in Montpellier, France, specialized in designing, animating and evaluating public participation processes, whether in territorial management, natural resources management or management of organisations. They specialise in organising multi-stakeholder dialogue (from end-users to decision-makers) on different levels (from local to national) in pursuit of sustainable and consensual solutions.


ICBA (International Center for Biosaline Agriculture)


ICBA is an international, non-profit agricultural research centre established Dubai, UAE. Originally focused on the problems of salinity and using saline water for irrigated agriculture, ICBA has evolved over the years into an international research facility with a team of scientists conducting applied research and development to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability in marginal and saline environments.


INRGREF (Institut National de Recherches en Génie Rural, Eaux, et Forets)


INRGREF is a research institute based in Tunis, Tunisia and attached to the Ministry of Agriculture. As part of its core mission, INRGREF contributes to the development of national research in the areas of water, forestry and rural engineering and to the protection, conservation, and rational use and exploitation of natural resources and rural areas.


BAU (Beirut Arab University)


The Beirut Arab University, through its Research Center for Environment and Development based in the Bekaa alley, Lebanon, aims to address the various aspects and problems as a platform to address the various aspects and challenges surrounding sustainable and social development, and environmental protection.


University of Jordan


The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Jordan is an educational and research center aiming to promote production in the agricultural and food sectors through improved and advanced practices and sustained management of natural resources whilst promoting innovation and securing agricultural needs and environment protection.

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